Monday, February 27, 2012

A Summary

After much deliberation, and a few fever dreams involving blaster fire, droids, and lightsabers, I have decided to run a Star Wars Saga Edition campaign online, using Maptools and Google Hangout for voice and any video. The reason for this is due to the widespread geography of the various players involved, as well as the simplicity and functionality of the programs.

The campaign is set during the Legacy Era, during the rule of the Sith.Characters will most likely be a wide distribution of various vagabonds and scoundrels. Motivations will run the gamut from simple mercenaries to Machiavellian politics.

Due to the inherent adventure with acquiring such, the cadre of characters will begin without the benefit of a star ship. However, after they have one, it provides a convenient excuse for when a player is incapable of attending.

For those interested in playing, I require a character sheet, short background for the character (1-5 paragraphs is fine), and a portrait of the character.


  1. The only reference points I know of in the Star Wars Galexy are from the movies, and KOTOR. Can you give more background as to what is going on in this timeframe?

    Are you limiting the amount of Jedi? Are you allowing Sith?

  2. This is a good place to start reading:

    As for the inclusion of Jedi or Sith... I'm currently waiting to see what my players are looking to play.