System: Haphestus
Orbit Number: 2
Planet Type: Class H
Satellites: 2
Orbital Period: 480 days
Equatorial Radius: 3,896.2 km
Equatorial Surface Gravity: 0.92 G
Rotation Period: 32 hours
Average Surface Temperature: 15 C
Population: 12.5 million
Often disregarded as a backwoods planet, the arid world was little more than a haven for miners, scavengers and those looking to hide in the remote areas of the Mid Rim. Both the abundant amounts of copper exported, and the proximity to the Corellian Run ensured that the planet never fell into complete obscurity.

The surface of the planet is predominantly covered in rock and sand, with very little vegetation or animal life. The vegetation that does exist is often tough and spindly, with an extensive root system. The animals are mostly small carnivorous reptiles, and most seek to burrow beneath the surface to escape the midday heat, or have taken to flight in order to consume winged insects.

The inhabitants of the planet dwell in buildings carved from rocky outcroppings, or the abandoned mines that have ceased providing copper ore. The majority of the population finds employment either as miners, or as farmers, harvesting cultivated roots. The planet's inhabitants largely rely upon shipments of food from other worlds in order to survive.

During the last days of the Clone Wars, an Acclamator II-class assault ship crashed into the surface of the planet after a brief skirmish with Separatist forces. While most of the crew was killed, a number of survivors found that they were stranded on the planet, waiting for a rescue that did not come for several years. When the rescue finally arrived, many of the crew had made a home on the planet's surface, constructing homes from scavenged bits of the star ship.

System: Malcator
Orbit Number: 4
Planet Type: M
Satellites: 1
Orbital Period: 310 days
Equatorial Radius: 6,528 km
Equatorial Surface Gravity: 0.97 G
Rotation Period: 22 hours
Average Surface Temperature: 20 C
Population: 35 million
Colonized during the latter days of the Galactic Republic, the world is rife with vegetation and has a number of animal species. Initially the planet was declared protected, and the only people allowed on the surface were scientists sent to study the plentiful biology.

During the days of the Empire, the protection was no longer enforced, which led to the creation of several cities upon the surface of the planet. Due to the hostile nature of several large predator species, the cities required a number of safeguards, including electrified fences and force fields.

While the Yuuzhan Vong War threatened the galaxy, a number of refugees arrived on Ceridan, fleeing the horrors of the invasion. The cities grew, both outward and upward, and conflict between the settlers and the local fauna became commonplace.

The planet is a common way-point for ships traveling the Corellian Run Trade Route, as they deliver tools and technology in return for exotic species and medicinal plants. Scouting expeditions into the heart of the jungles are often financed by wealthy pharmaceutical companies, in hopes that the venture results in retrieving new species with medicinal capabilities. 

System: Dardan
Orbit Number: 1
Planet Type: Class M
Satellites: 1
Orbital Period: 259 days
Equatorial Radius: 7,240 km
Equatorial Surface Gravity: 0.99 G
Rotation Period: 30 hours
Average Surface Temperature: 19 C
Population: 2 billion