NPCs of Note

Norgada the Hutt

A wealthy creature that sits at the center of a vast web of criminal enterprises, this Hutt has risen to prominence and power rather quickly. His methods are often seen as brutal, and he has no qualms about dispatching a group of thugs or bounty hunters to deal with a problem. Several of his rivals wound up dead, and he swooped in to take over their power base, consolidating it with his own.

His criminal empire is run out of an aged Trade Federation Lucrehulk-class battleship, named the Tranquil Crescent. How the massive ship came into his possession has always been something of a mystery, and tales of how he acquired it are many. Numerous small-time smugglers dock with his ship, and it has become something of a small hub of illegal activity, with a number of groups renting out storage space aboard the vessel. Norgada has managed to avoid persecution by Imperial authorities largely due to the battleship, and the Moffs who oversee the area have decided that it is not cost effective to send a fleet to remove the Hutt.